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The Civic & Ceremonial Committee is responsible for reviewing the protocol and procedures of all ceremonial events under the control of the council. It reports to the Town Council of any suggested changes to ceremonial events. The Committee meets 3 times a year. 

The 2019- 2020 Civic & Ceremonial Committee

Cllr Dennis Knowles

Cllr Janet Rendle

Cllr Wallace Burke

Cllr Alexandra Berry

Cllr Anthony Bush

Cllr Judith Blagg

Cllr Les Cruwys

Cllr Neal Davey

Cllr Sue Griggs (Deputy Mayor)

Cllr Claudette Harrower

Cllr Tom Lindus

Cllr Colin Slade (Mayor)

Cllr Michael Turner

Cllr Gerald Luxton