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Grand Western Canal

Photo courtesy Rebecca O'Sullivan-Wilson

The Grand Western Canal 's new visitor Centre had its first official visitors ahead of it official opening next month. The Canal Joint Advisory Committee, who oversee the operation of the canal, joined Head Ranger Mark Baker prior to their annual inspection and made a guided tour of the new facility.

The new building was handed over to the County Council by Tiverton based contractor Kingstons' last week and will now be fitted out in readiness for next season's visitors to enjoy.

 Static displays and interactive screens will be installed explaining the history of the canal together with in depth detail of the flora and fauna which can be found along the twelve mile length of the canal.

The project received £240,000 from Devon County Council as part of Investing in Devon, a scheme which has contributed to a variety of projects following the sale of Exeter Airport.

The canal also receives funding from Tiverton Town council and other parishes who border or straddle the canal. This year the town council assisted the canal financially with an £8,000 contribution towards the canal's running costs. A representative from the Town council also has a seat on the Canal Advisory Committee.

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