"The Allotments Committee has agreed that from 1st April 2011 allotment tenants on all sites will only be allowed to have bonfires on the first weekend of the month.

Please try to use a more environmentally friendly way of disposing of your waste whenever possible. 

If you decide that the only way that you can dispose of your allotment waste is to have a bonfire please make sure that smoke is not causing a nuisance to other tenants or neighbouring properties.
Bonfires should not be left unattended and should be put out before you leave the site. Do not burn plastics on your site."

A bonfire may be the only way of disposing of garden waste that shouldn't be composted, like diseased wood.

If you have a bonfire, follow these simple guidelines:

  • warn your neighbours beforehand - they are much less likely to complain.
  • light the bonfire at a time least likely to affect your neighbours, e.g. not on a warm day when people will be in their garden.

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