Tiverton - Chinon      France

The twinning charter between Tiverton and Chinon , a town of 8,450 inhabitants located in the Loire Valley, was officially signed in 1973 . However, these bonds of friendship between the two municipalities have been initiated in 1971 by language teachers from both cities, in an open class at the European culture.

To school exchanges have added the cultural encounters s between the inhabitants. Particular attention was paid to the travel of young residents in May (Training Centre for autonomy and social inclusion for adults with mobility impairments).

Today, essentially based on the discovery of cultures and lifestyles , the actions of the Twinning Committee of Tiverton and Chinon continue to maintain the friendship between Tiverton and residents of Chinon, which celebrates friendship 40 years in 2013.

Chinon straddles the River Vienne just a few miles east of where it joins the River Loire and is situated approximately 25 miles south west of Tours.

Approaching the town by road, on the hill, one sees the inspiring château Chinon which was built in 954. Henry Plantagenet lived there and it is thought that Richard the Lionheart probably died there. Members of the Knights Templar were imprisoned there awaiting trial and execution.

The town has charming medieval streets with half-timbered and sculpted houses. The town is synonymous with Joan of Arc. It was from Chinon that Joan set out on her ill-fated journey.

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